New Items  Children's Library April 2022
Title Author Location
Toddler (Board) books
The little fire truck   Margery Cuyler Juv Tot Cuy
100 days of kindness : a counting, lift-the-flap book   Cindy Jin Juv Tot Jin
Peek-a-boo passover   Pamela Mayer Juv Tot May
Picture Books
A good place   Lucy Cousins Juv Pict Cou
5-minute Pete the cat stories   James Dean Juv Pict Dea
Filled perfectly and wrapped in culture   Melody Devenney Juv Pict Dev (pap)
Oona and the shark   Kelly DiPucchio Juv Pict DiPuc
No nibbling!   Beth Ferry Juv Pict Fer
Donut : the unicorn who wants to fly   Laura Gehl Juv Pict Geh
After the buzz comes the bee : lift-the-flap animal sounds   Rachel Isadora Juv Pict Isa
This book will get you to sleep!   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
This is (not) enough   Anna Kang Juv Pict Kan
Spring parade   Camelia Kay Juv Pict Kay
First notes of spring   Jessica Kulekjian Juv Pict Kul
I'll go and come back   Rajani LaRocca Juv Pict LaRoc
Just try one bite   Adam Mansbach Juv Pict Man
Bathe the cat   Alice B. McGinty Juv Pict McGin
I'm not scared, you're scared!   Seth Meyers Juv Pict Mey
Good job, George!   Jane O'Connor Juv Pict O'Con
If you were a garbage truck or other big-wheeled worker!   Diane Ohanesian Juv Pict Oha
All from a walnut   Ammi-Joan Paquette Juv Pict Paq
Somewhere in the bayou   Jarrett Pumphrey Juv Pict Pum
How to welcome a new baby   Jean Reagan Juv Pict Rea
Antonio's amazing gift   Naibe Reynoso Juv Pict Rey
Always with you, always with me   Kelly Rowland Juv Pict Row
Happy sloth day!   April Pulley Sayre Juv Pict Say
Anansi and the golden pot   Taiye Selasi Juv Pict Sel
Meet the Matzah : a passover story   Alan Silberberg Juv Pict Sil
Dog says, Cat says   Marilyn Singer Juv Pict Sin
I'd like to be the window for a wise old dog   Philip Christian Stead Juv Pict Ste
I'll always come back to you   Carmen Tafolla Juv Pict Taf
Cats can   Roseanne Thong Juv Pict Tho
A blue kind of day   Rachel  Tomlinson Juv Pict Tom
Bearnard writes a book   Deborah Underwood Juv Pict Und
Little bunny, big germs   Rosemary Wells Juv Pict Wel
Easy Readers
Stinky bugs   Joan Emerson Juv Easy 595.7 E53 (pap)
Maddie and Mabel   Kari Allen Juv Easy All
Doggo and Pupper save the world   Katherine Applegate Juv Easy App
King & Kayla and the case of the secret code   Dori Hillestad Butler Juv Easy But (pap)
Biscuit and friends visit the community garden   Alyssa Satin Capucilli Juv Easy Cap
Spring cakes   Miranda Harmon Juv Easy Har GRAPHIC
World of Emily Windsnap. Emily's big discovery   Liz Kessler Juv Easy Kes
The flower garden   Renée Kurilla Juv Easy Kur GRAPHIC
Busy street   Edward Miller Juv Easy Mil
Show me the honey   Tish. Rabe Juv Easy Seu (pap)
Nate the great and the Earth Day robot   Andrew Sharmat Juv Easy Sha
Galaxy of creatures   Kristin Baver Juv Easy Star (pap)
Juvenile Fiction (middle readers)
Barb the last Berzerker   Dan Abdo Juv Fic Abd GRAPHIC
Quint and Dirk's hero quest   Max Brallier Juv Fic Bra
Aru Shah and the nectar of immortality   Roshani Chokshi Juv Fic Cho
Falling short   Ernesto Cisneros Juv Fic Cis
Confessions of a class clown   Arianne Costner Juv Fic Cos
The fifth quarter. 1   Mike Dawson Juv Fic Daw GRAPHIC
The invisible whale   Beth Ferry Juv Fic Fer GRAPHIC
Happily ever after rescue team   Sam Hay Juv Fic Hay
Persephone the phony   David Campiti Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
Zeus and the thunderbolt of doom   Joan Holub Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
Poseidon and the sea of fury   David Campiti Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
River   Erin Hunter Juv Fic Hun
Shinji Takahashi and the mark of the coatl   Julie Kagawa Juv Fic Kag
Those kids from Fawn Creek   Erin Entrada Kelly Juv Fic Kel
The last straw   Jeff Kinney Juv Fic Kin
Star the elephant   Remy Lai Juv Fic Lai GRAPHIC
The haunting   Kathryn Lasky Juv Fic Las
Cress Watercress   Gregory Maguire Juv Fic Mag
Alien summer   James S.  Murray Juv Fic Mur
Dionysos : the new god   George O'Connor Juv Fic O'Con GRAPHIC
Witchlings   Claribel A. Ortega Juv Fic Ort
Big Nate. Beware of low-flying corn muffins   Lincoln Peirce Juv Fic Pei GRAPHIC
The sheep, the rooster, and the duck   Matt Phelan Juv Fic Phe
Mermaids vs. unicorns   J. C. (Julie C.) Phillipps Juv Fic Phi GRAPHIC
Cat Kid Comic Club : on purpose   Dav Pilkey Juv Fic Pil GRAPHIC
It's the end of the world and I'm in my bathing suit   Justin A. Reynolds Juv Fic Rey
The dragon's dookie   Aaron Reynolds Juv Fic Rey
The aquanaut   Dan Santat Juv Fic San GRAPHIC
Sonic the Hedgehog : test run!   Evan Stanley Juv Fic Son GRAPHIC
The flames of hope   Tui Sutherland Juv Fic Sut
Egg marks the spot   Amy Timberlake Juv Fic Tim
Winnie Zeng unleashes a legend   Katie Zhao Juv Fic Zha
Children's Non-Fiction
Eid al-Adha   Mariam Mohamed Juv 297.36 M69
Listen to the language of the trees : a story of how forests communicate underground   Tera Kelley Juv 582.16 K29
Exploring flight!   Andrea Beaty Juv 629.13 B36
A is for oboe : the orchestra's alphabet   Lera Auerbach Juv 784.2 A91
Laugh-out-loud jokes for kids   Rob. Elliott Juv 818 E46
Knock knock! again : the new biggest, best joke book ever. Juv 818 K72
Who was the first man on the moon? : Neil Armstrong   Nathan Page Juv 92 ARMSTRONG Neil GRAPHIC
The rise (and falls) of Jackie Chan   Kristen Mai Giang Juv 92 CHAN Jackie
Harry Houdini   Ma Isabel  Sanchez Vegara Juv 92 HOUDINI Harry
Teddy Roosevelt was a moose?   Dan Gutman Juv 92 ROOSEVELT Theodore
Who was Charles Schulz?   Joan Holub Juv 92 SCHULZ Charles
Ablaze with color : a story of painter Alma Thomas   Jeanne Walker Harvey Juv 92 THOMAS Alma
I begin with spring : the life and seasons of Henry David Thoreau   Julie Dunlap Juv 92 THOREAU Henry David
The tiger rising  Juv DVD Tiger Rising