New Children's Items  October 2022
Toddler Books
Global baby playtime   Maya Ajmera Juv Tot Ajm
Pookie's Thanksgiving   Sandra Boynton Juv Tot Boy
How we eat   Shuli de la Fuente-Lau Juv Tot Fue
Migrating birds : a colors book.  Chloe Goodhart Juv Tot Goo
Birding for babies a numbers book : backyard birds.  Chloe Goodhart Juv Tot Goo
Hey Diddle Diddle   Yu-Hsuan Huang Juv Tot Hua
Happy All-idays!  Cindy Jin Juv Tot Jin
Leo, rise and shine!   Anna McQuinn Juv Tot McQui
The thank you book   Danna Smith Juv Tot Smi
Picture Books
Our Day of the Dead celebration   Ana Aranda Juv Pict Ara
SumoPuppy   David Biedrzycki Juv Pict Bie
Pig the rebel   Aaron Blabey Juv Pict Bla
Bluey 5-minute stories. Juv Pict Blu
Zuri Ray and the backyard bash   Tami Charles Juv Pict Cha
If I had a kangaroo   Gabby Dawnay Juv Pict Daw
This story is not about a kitten   Randall De Seve Juv Pict De Seve
How to be a space ranger   Steve Behling Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Cars on the road. Juv Pict Dis (pap)
We don't talk about Bruno. Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Happy cat-o-ween!  Gabhi : author. Martins Juv Pict Gab (pap)
Elmo's best Thanksgiving ever!   Jodie Shepherd Juv Pict GOLDEN
Keepunumuk : Weeâchumun's Thanksgiving story   Danielle Greendeer Juv Pict Gre
Playtime for restless rascals   Nikki Grimes Juv Pict Gri
If you laugh, I'm starting this book over   Chris Harris Juv Pict Har
I cannot draw a horse   Charise Mericle Harper Juv Pict Har
Well done, mommy penguin   Chris Haughton Juv Pict Hau
Hey, Bruce! : an interactive book   Ryan T. Higgins Juv Pict Hig
Farm lullaby   Karen Jameson Juv Pict Jam
Meanwhile back on Earth   Oliver Jeffers Juv Pict Jef
As cool as it gets   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
A very big fall   Emmy Kastner Juv Pict Kas
Tiny Spoon vs. Little Fork   Constance Lombardo Juv Pict Lom
My Diwali light   Raakhee Mirchandani Juv Pict Mir
Peppa loves to bake   Lauren Holowaty Juv Pict Pep (pap)
Peppa's windy fall day   Barbara Winthrop Juv Pict Pep (pap)
Happy Diwali! Juv Pict Pep (pap)
Rainbow Fish and the storyteller   Marcus Pfister Juv Pict Pfi
Blue Bison needs a haircut   Scott Rothman Juv Pict Rot
 No!  said Custard the Squirrel   Sergio Ruzzier Juv Pict Ruz
It's Diwali!   Kabir Sehgal Juv Pict Seh
Books aren't for eating    Carlie Sorosiak Juv Pict Sor
Namaste is a greeting   Suma Subramaniam Juv Pict Sub
Ten little pumpkins. Juv Pict Ten (pap)
Even robots can be thankful!   Jan Thomas Juv Pict Tho
I am picky : confessions of a fussy eater   Kristen Tracy Juv Pict Tra
My bindi   Gita Varadarajan Juv Pict Var
Max can read!   Rosemary Wells Juv Pict Wel
Beginning Chapter Books
The ghost tree   Natasha Deen Juv BC Dee
Lil Mouse is in the house!   Dan Gutman Juv BC Gut
Easy Readers
Icky, sticky slime!   Ximena Hastings Juv Easy 571.79 H35 (pap)
Fly Guy presents : dogs   Tedd Arnold Juv Easy 636.7 A75 (pap)
I am thankful   Suzy Capozzi Juv Easy Cap (pap)
I am helpful   Suzy Capozzi Juv Easy Cap (pap)
This makes me angry   Courtney Carbone Juv Easy Car (pap)
Pete the cat and the sprinkle stealer   Kim Dean Juv Easy Dea GRAPHIC
Home on the ranch.  Shannon. Penney Juv Easy Din (pap)
Meet the Clades   Natasha Bouchard Juv Easy Dis (pap)
I'm ogre it   Jeffrey Ebbeler Juv Easy Ebb GRAPHIC
I did it!   Michael Emberley Juv Easy Emb GRAPHIC
I am mighty!   Kelly Greenawalt Juv Easy Gre (pap)
Costume capers   Steve Foxe Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Can Blue hide?   Adam Lehrhaupt Juv Easy Leh (pap)
Owl and Penguin   Vikram Madan Juv Easy Mad GRAPHIC
Mystery of the missing food   Maria S. Barbo Juv Easy Pok (pap)
Monsters in a mess   Candice F. Ransom Juv Easy Ran (pap)
How to bake an apple pie   Jean Reagan Juv Easy Rea (pap)
How to host a sleepover   Jean Reagan Juv Easy Rea (pap)
Stitch-or-treat!   Eric Geron Juv Easy Sti (pap)
Who is Captain Marvel?   Nicole Reynolds Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Best brother ever!   Janee Trasler Juv Easy Tra GRAPHIC
A feast for friends   Steph Waldo Juv Easy Wal GRAPHIC
The frustrating book!   Mo Willems Juv Easy Wil GRAPHIC
I really want to fly to the Moon!   Harriet Ziefert Juv Easy Zie GRAPHIC
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
The quest for the ring of power   Samira (Fiction writer) Ahmed Juv Fic Ahm
The door of no return   Kwame Alexander Juv Fic Ale
Amari and the great game   B. B. Alston Juv Fic Als
Odder   Katherine Applegate Juv Fic App
Jessi's secret language   Chan Chau Juv Fic Baby GRAPHIC
The last kids on Earth and the forbidden fortress   Max Brallier Juv Fic Bra
Serwa Boateng's guide to vampire hunting   Roseanne A. Brown Juv Fic Bro
Enemies   Svetlana Chmakova Juv Fic Chm GRAPHIC
Narwhalicorn and Jelly   Ben Clanton Juv Fic Cla GRAPHIC
Encanto : the deluxe junior novelization   Angela Cervantes Juv Fic Dis
The tidal pool of cool   Beth Ferry Juv Fic Fer GRAPHIC
Cat crew   Chris Grabenstein Juv Fic Gra
Mimi and the cutie catastrophe   Shauna J. Grant Juv Fic Gra GRAPHIC
Garvey in the dark   Nikki Grimes Juv Fic Gri
Lumberjackula   Mat Heagerty Juv Fic Hea GRAPHIC
Aphrodite the beauty   David Campiti Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
Once upon a messy whisker   Jennifer L. Holm Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
Onestar's confession   Erin Hunter Juv Fic Hun
Attack of the black rectangles   A. S. (Amy Sarig) King Juv Fic Kin
Rainbow the koala   Remy Lai Juv Fic Lai GRAPHIC
Grumpy monkey. 2, Who threw that?   Suzanne Lang Juv Fic Lan GRAPHIC
ChupaCarter   George Lopez Juv Fic Lop
Crunch   Kayla Miller Juv Fic Mil GRAPHIC
Besties. Find their groove   Kayla Miller Juv Fic Mil GRAPHIC
Ham Helsing. 2, Monster hunter   Rich Moyer Juv Fic Moy GRAPHIC
Ghostlight   Kenneth Oppel Juv Fic Opp
Frizzy   Claribel A. Ortega Juv Fic Ort GRAPHIC
Pirates past noon : the graphic novel   Jenny Laird Juv Fic Osb GRAPHIC
Big Nate. Release the hounds!   Lincoln Peirce Juv Fic Pei GRAPHIC
Pizza my heart   Mika Song Juv Fic Son GRAPHIC
Stinetinglers : all new stories by the master of scary tales   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
Slappy, beware!   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
The Wellington avalanche, 1910   Lauren Tarshis Juv Fic Tar
I survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005   Georgia Ball Juv Fic Tar GRAPHIC
The show must go on   Tina Wells Juv Fic Wel
My aunt is a monster   Reimena Yee Juv Fic Yee GRAPHIC
In Myrtle peril   Elizabeth C. Bunce Juv Mys Bun
Kid's Non-Fiction
Crash from outer space : unraveling the mystery of flying saucers, alien beings, and Roswell   Candace Fleming Juv 001.942 F59
What do we know about Bigfoot?   Steven Korte Juv 001.944 K85
Guinness world records. Juv 031 G96
Killer underwear invasion! : how to spot fake news, disinformation & conspiracy theories   Elise Gravel Juv 070.43 G77 GRAPHIC
The junior astrologer's handbook : a kid's guide to astrological signs, the zodiac, and more   Nikki Van De Car Juv 133.5 V22
We the people!   Don Brown Juv 321.8 B87 GRAPHIC
What is the AIDS crisis?   Nico Medina Juv 362.19697 M49
The transcontinental railroad : crossing the divide.  Andy Hirsch Juv 385 H66 GRAPHIC
The animal toolkit : how animals use tools   Steve Jenkins Juv 591.513 J52
Birds of prey : terrifying talons   Joe  Flood Juv 598.9 F63 GRAPHIC
Action! : how movies began   Meghan McCarthy Juv 791.4309 M12
Roberto Clemente   Claudia Romo Edelman Juv 92 CLEMENTE Roberto
Who was a daring pioneer of the skies? : Amelia Earhart   Melanie Gillman Juv 92 EARHART Amelia GRAPHIC
Who was the girl warrior of France? : Joan of Arc   Sarah Winifred Searle Juv 92 JOAN OF ARC GRAPHIC
Who was Michelangelo?   Kirsten (Kirsten Stephanie) Anderson Juv 92 MICHELANGELO
Who was E B White? Gail Herman Juv 92 White
Ancient Rome   Simon James Juv 937 J29
Con pollo : a bilingual playtime adventure   Jimmy Fallon Juv LANG Pict Fal Spanish
Mister Rogers' neighborhood. Kindness collection Juv DVD Mister Rogers' Nei