New Children's Materials  July 2018
Title  Author Location
Toddler Books (Board Books)
Feminist baby finds her voice.  Loryn Brantz Juv Tot Bra
Bathtime mathtime   Danica McKellar Juv Tot McKel
Busy boats.  Tony Mitton Juv Tot Mit
Picture Books
The 5 O'Clock Band   Troy Andrews Juv Pict And
The Princess and the pit stop   Tom Angleberger Juv Pict Ang
Hedge hog.  Ashlyn Anstee Juv Pict Ans
Cat wishes   Calista Brill Juv Pict Bri
Do princesses live in sandcastles?   Carmela LaVigna Coyle Juv Pict Coy
Click  Doreen Cronin Juv Pict Cro
Daniel's first babysitter   Alexandra Cassel Juv Pict Dan (pap)
Munch your lunch!   Becky Friedman Juv Pict Dan (pap)
Pete the Kitty and the groovy playdate   Kim Dean Juv Pict Dea
Llama Llama loves camping   Anna Dewdney Juv Pict Dew (pap)
The princess and the frog : the story of Tiana. Juv Pict Dis
A boy  Brittany Rubiano Juv Pict Dis
Leilani's luau   Sheila Sweeny Higginson Juv Pict Dis (pap)
What the ladybug heard next.  Julia Donaldson Juv Pict Don
How to code a sandcastle   Josh Funk Juv Pict Fun
Geraldine   Elizabeth (Elizabeth Marie) Lilly Juv Pict Lil
Jack B. Ninja   Tim McCanna Juv Pict McCan
The dinosaur expert   Margaret McNamara Juv Pict McNam
Jump   David McPhail Juv Pict McPha
I'm new here   Anne Sibley O'Brien Juv Pict O'Bri
The Eid al-Adha adventure   Jennifer Oxley Juv Pict Oxl
The brother book   Todd Parr Juv Pict Par
Chase's loose tooth!   Casey Neumann Juv Pict Paw (pap)
Pink is for boys   Robb Pearlman Juv Pict Pea
All are welcome   Alexandra Penfold Juv Pict Pen
Dear substitute   Elizabeth Garton Scanlon Juv Pict Sca
Are you scared  Adam Rex Juv Pict Star
Green Lantern is responsible   Christopher L. Harbo Juv Pict Sup (pap)
A dog named Doug   Karma Wilson Juv Pict Wil
Play this book   Jessica  Young Juv Pict You
Easy Readers
Insects   Robin. Bernard Juv Easy 595.7 B52
I wish I was an elephant   Jennifer Bove Juv Easy 599.67 B78
Fly Guy presents : police officers   Tedd Arnold Juv Easy Arn (pap)
Save the rainbow!   Kristen L Depken Juv Easy Dep (pap)
Chez Nancy   Nancy Parent Juv Easy Fan (pap)
How to start kindergarten   Cathy Hapka Juv Easy Hap (pap)
Pinkalicious and the pirates   Victoria Kann Juv Easy Kan
Awesome adventures   Helen  Murray Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Rock Man vs. Weather Man   Samantha Brooke Juv Easy Mag (pap)
Just a little love   Mercer Mayer Juv Easy May (pap)
Big Brown Bear's birthday surprise   David McPhail Juv Easy McPha
Margaret & H.A. Rey's Curious George in follow that hat!   Liza Charlesworth Juv Easy Rey
Robot power!   Celeste Sisler Juv Easy Sis (pap)
Catch that crook!   Laura Hitchcock Juv Easy Sup
A birthday for Cow!   Jan Thomas Juv Easy Tho
The doghouse   Jan Thomas Juv Easy Tho
Beginning Readers
Mr. Will needs to chill!   Dan Gutman Juv BC Gut
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
The button war : a tale of the Great War  Avi Juv Fic Avi
The Penderwicks at last   Jeanne Birdsall Juv Fic Bir
Robot rescue   Drew Brockington Juv Fic Bro GRAPHIC
Garfield hogs the spotlight   Jim Davis Juv Fic Dav GRAPHIC
Pawla's clawesome fashion show   Sophie Finn Juv Fic Fin
The griffin's feather   Cornelia Funke Juv Fic Fun
The exile's journey   Erin Hunter Juv Fic Hun
Johnny Boo : twinkle power   James. Kochalka Juv Fic Koc GRAPHIC
Jurassic world  David Lewman Juv Fic Lew
Pixelmon gone! Juv Fic Mine
My big fat zombie goldfish  Mo O'Hara Juv Fic O'Har
Magic looking glass.  Tom Percival Juv Fic Per
My grandparents are secret agents   Scott Christian. Sava Juv Fic Sav GRAPHIC
Lego Star Wars : choose your path   Simon Hugo Juv Fic Star
Rey's story   Elizabeth (Adaptor) Schaefer Juv Fic Star
Mr. Wolf's class   Aron Nels Steinke Juv Fic Ste GRAPHIC
Escape from shudder mansion   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
A shocker on Shock Street   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
Son of Slappy   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
The lost continent   Tui Sutherland Juv Fic Sut
On the lost coast   Kiki Thorpe Juv Fic Tho
Front desk   Kelly Yang Juv Fic Yan
Children's Non-Fiction
Islam   Philip Wilkinson Juv 297 W68
What is the Constitution?   Patricia Demuth Juv 342.73 D38
What is climate change?   Gail Herman Juv 363.73 H55
Do not open this math book!   Danica McKellar Juv 513.2 M15
Energy   Emily Dodd Juv 531.6 D63
Elements   Adrian Dingle Juv 546 D58
First Earth encyclopedia  Juv 551 F52
Dinosaur discoveries   Gail Gibbons Juv 567.9 G44
Hermit crabs   Ellen Lawrence Juv 595.3 L41
Seagulls   Ellen Lawrence Juv 598.338 L41
The magic school bus taking flight : a book about flight  Juv 629.13 M19
The everything book of dogs & puppies   Andrea Mills Juv 636.7 E93
The everything book of cats & kittens. Juv 636.8 E93
LEGO animal atlas   Rona Skene Juv 688.7 S62
Frogs play cellos and other fun facts.  Laura Lyn DiSiena Juv 784.19 D61
Where is Walt Disney World?   Joan Holub Juv 791.068 H75
DIY circus lab for kids : a family-friendly guide for juggling  Jackie Leigh Davis Juv 791.3 D26
Soccer : all the latest facts from the field   Eric Zweig Juv 796.334 Z97
Sidney Crosby vs. Wayne Gretzky   Will Graves Juv 796.962 G77
A girl named Misty : the true story of Misty Copeland   Kelly Starling Lyons Juv 92 COPELAND Misty
Who was Henry VIII?   Ellen Labrecque Juv 92 HENRY VIII
Counting on Katherine : how Katherine Johnson saved Apollo 13   Helaine Becker Juv 92 JOHNSON Katherine
George Washington. Juv 92 WASHINGTON Geor
What was the Holocaust?   Gail Herman Juv 940.5318 H55
Book & CD KITS
Frozen fever  : read-along storybook and CD   Meredith Rusu Juv CD KIT Dis
Cinderella : a heart full of love : read-along storybook and CD. Juv CD KIT Dis
Jake saves Bucky : read-along storybook and CD   Bill Scollon Juv CD KIT Dis
Monsters University read-along storybook and CD   Calliope Glass Juv CD KIT Dis
Star wars. Episode VI  Randy Thornton Juv CD KIT Star
Star wars. Episode V  Randy Thornton Juv CD KIT Star
Children's DVDs
Lego DC Comics super heroes. Aquaman  : rage of Atlantis  Juv DVD LEGO Aquaman
Rusty Rivets  Season 1. Selections Juv DVD Rusty Rivets
20 music tales Juv DVD Twenty Music Ta
The Wiggles : The Emma & Lachy show  Juv DVD Wiggles
Children's Music CDs
Children's favorite songs Juv MUSIC CD Disney Ka
Christmas favorites Juv MUSIC CD Disney Ka
Disney favorites  Juv MUSIC CD Disney Ka
Absolute Disney. Volume 1  Juv MUSIC CD Disney v.1
Absolute Disney. Volume 2  Juv MUSIC CD Disney v.2
Absolute Disney. Volume 3  Juv MUSIC CD Disney v.3
Incredibles 2 : original motion picture soundtrack   Michael Giacchino Juv MUSIC CD Incredibles 2
Parent/Teacher Shelf
The stories we share : a guide to preK-12 books on the experience of immigrant children  Ladislava N. Khailova Juv 028.16 K45 P/T