New Children's Items  December 2019
Title. Author Location
Toddler (Board) Books
Daniel's bath time   Alexandra Cassel Schwartz Juv Tot Dan
Arctic animals   Jill  McDonald Juv Tot McDon
Pets   Jill  McDonald Juv Tot McDon
Richard Scarry's busy busy construction site.  Richard Scarry Juv Tot Sca
Who's who? Juv Tot Sup
Picture Books
You loves Ewe!   Cece Bell Juv Pict Bel
Searching for Santa   Nick Bruel Juv Pict Bru
Rocket says look up!   Nathan Bryon Juv Pict Bry
The very impatient caterpillar   Ross Burach Juv Pict Bur
If you're happy and you know it!   Jane Cabrera Juv Pict Cab
The shortest day   Susan Cooper Juv Pict Coo
The word pirates   Susan Cooper Juv Pict Coo
Fix that clock!   Kurt Cyrus Juv Pict Cyr
Daniel loves playtime!   Alexandra Schwartz Juv Pict Dan (pap)
The crayons' Christmas   Drew Daywalt Juv Pict Day
The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa   Jamie L. B. Deenihan Juv Pict Dee
We'll always have each other   John Edwards Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Training Army Al   Sheila Sweeny Higginson Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Let's play  Bonita Garr Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Toy story little golden book favorites. Juv Pict GOLDEN
Star wars. We are the resistance   Elizabeth Schaefer Juv Pict GOLDEN
Clark the Shark   Bruce. Hale Juv Pict Hal
Who wants to be a pirate? : what it was really like in the golden age of piracy   Bridget Heos Juv Pict Heo
Red rover : curiosity on mars   author. Ho Richard Juv Pict Ho
Nurse Clementine   Simon James Juv Pict Jam
Roblox : where's the noob?   Craig Jelley Juv Pict Jel
That's what dinosaurs do   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
The cool bean   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
We are (not) friends   Anna Kang Juv Pict Kan
The serious goose   Jimmy Kimmel Juv Pict Kim
Punk Farm   Jarrett Krosoczka Juv Pict Kro
A day so gray   Marie Lamba Juv Pict Lam
What kind of car does a T. Rex drive?   Mark Lee Juv Pict Lee
A big bed for Little Snow   Grace Lin Juv Pict Lin
Everybody says meow   Constance Lombardo Juv Pict Lom
Just a snowy vacation   Gina Mayer Juv Pict May (pap)
Merry Christmas Juv Pict Mer (pap)
Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO   Tamara Pizzoli Juv Pict Piz
Pluto gets the call   Adam Rex Juv Pict Rex
Three cheers for Kid McGear!   Sherri Duskey Rinker Juv Pict Rin
Sign off   Stephen Savage Juv Pict Sav
Scooby-Doo! Super spooky double storybook   Jesse Leon. McCann Juv Pict Sco (pap)
Dream : with Sesame Street   Susanna Leonard Hill Juv Pict Ses
The amazing magic show!   Mary Tillworth Juv Pict Shi (pap)
Star Wars creatures big & small   Calliope Glass Juv Pict Star
A day for skating   Sarah Sullivan Juv Pict Sul
Justice League : storm surge   Donald B. Lemke Juv Pict Sup (pap)
Hello ninja   Nathan D. Wilson Juv Pict Wil
The librarian of Basra : a true story from Iraq   Jeanette. Winter Juv Pict Win
Easy Readers
I wish I was a bison   Jennifer Bove Juv Easy 599.643 B78
Biscuit's snow day race   Alyssa Satin Capucilli Juv Easy Cap
My first puppy   Alyssa Satin Capucilli Juv Easy Cap
Where is the sun?   Eric Carle Juv Easy Car
Books are the best   Maggie Testa Juv Easy Dan
Pete the Kitty goes to the doctor   Kim Dean Juv Easy Dea
Pete the Cat's trip to the supermarket   Kim Dean Juv Easy Dea (pap)
Run  Kitty. Richards Juv Easy Dis (pap)
I want to be a pilot   Laura Driscoll Juv Easy Dri
Come sit with me : making friends on the buddy bench   Tina Gallo Juv Easy Gal (pap)
I love my tutu!   Frances Gilbert Juv Easy Gil (pap)
Off I go!   Kelly Greenawalt Juv Easy Gre (pap)
One big blue family   Cathy Hapka Juv Easy Hap (pap)
Penny and her sled   Kevin Henkes Juv Easy Hen
Pinkalicious fishtastic!   Victoria Kann Juv Easy Kan
Little Critter's these are my pets  Mercer Mayer Juv Easy May (pap)
See Santa nap.  David Milgrim Juv Easy Mil (pap)
Molly of Denali. Party moose  Juv Easy Mol (pap)
Peg up a tree   Jennifer Oxley Juv Easy Oxl (pap)
Dragon's fat cat   Dav Pilkey Juv Easy Pil (pap)
Christmas is here!   Charles M. (Charles Monroe) Schulz Juv Easy Sch (pap)
Knight owls   Eric Seltzer Juv Easy Sel
Beginning Chapter Books 
Grumplets and pests   Asia Citro Juv BC Cit
Sarai saves the music.  Saraí González Juv BC Gon
The lacrosse mix-up   Mike Lupica Juv BC Lup
Juvenile (Middle Readers) Fiction
The quest for the golden fleas   Crispin Boyer Juv Fic Boy
The last kids on Earth and the zombie parade   Max Brallier Juv Fic Bra
The princess who flew with dragons   Stephanie Burgis Juv Fic Bur
Carmen Sandiego. The fishy treasure caper : a graphic novel. Juv Fic Car GRAPHIC
Carmen Sandiego. The sticky rice caper : a graphic novel. Juv Fic Car GRAPHIC
The lost ninja   Jay Leibold Juv Fic Cho
Spies : Mata Hari   Katherine Factor Juv Fic Cho
The hippo at the end of the hall   Helen Cooper Juv Fic Coo
Garfield. Selections;"Garfield. Snack pack   Jim Davis Juv Fic Dav GRAPHIC
Garfield. Selections;"Garfield belly laughs   Jim Davis Juv Fic Dav GRAPHIC
Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas. Zero's journey   D. J. Milky Juv Fic Dis GRAPHIC
The key of lost things   Sean Easley Juv Fic Eas
Battle for Loot Lake : an unofficial Fortnite adventure novel   Devin Hunter Juv Fic For
Shine!   J. J. Grabenstein Juv Fic Gra
Eventown   Corey Ann Haydu Juv Fic Hay
The silent thaw   Erin Hunter Juv Fic Hun
Dog driven   Terry Lynn Johnson Juv Fic Joh
The other  Antony John Juv Fic Joh
Song for a whale   Lynne Kelly Juv Fic Kel
Jurassic World : junior novelization   David Lewman Juv Fic Lew
Super Jake & the king of chaos   Naomi Milliner Juv Fic Mil
Diary of a Minecraft zombie. Book 1  Juv Fic Min
Pokemon Sun & Moon   Hidenori Kusaka Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
The tyrant's tomb   Rick Riordan Juv Fic Rio
The unicorn whisperer : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure   Dana Simpson Juv Fic Sim GRAPHIC
Zona rossa. English;"The red zone : an earthquake story   Silvia Vecchini Juv Fic Vec GRAPHIC
Children's Non-Fiction
You be you! : the kid's guide to gender  Jonathan Branfman Juv 305.3 B82
Suffragette : the battle for equality   David Roberts Juv 324.623 R64
True colors! : the story of Crayola   Jesse Burton Juv 338.76 B97
Vicki Cobb's why does my ice cream melt? : smart answers to STEM questions   Vicki Cobb Juv 530.4 C65
Vicki Cobb's why can I suck through a straw? : smart answers to STEM questions   Vicki Cobb Juv 531.6 C65
Charles Darwin's On the origin of species   Sabina  Radeva Juv 576.82 R12
Who am I? : a peek-through-pages book of endangered animals   Tim Flach Juv 591.68 F57
The truth about crocodiles   Maxwell Eaton Juv 597.98 E14
The truth about hawks   Maxwell Eaton Juv 598.944 E14
If elephants disappeared   Lily Williams Juv 599.67 W72
The arctic fox's journey   Wendy Pfeffer Juv 599.7764 P52
Science you can eat   Stefan Gates Juv 641.3 G25
The complete baking book for young chefs  Juv 641.815 C73
My little pony baking book   Christi Farr Johnstone Juv 641.815 J73
Incredible LEGO creations from space : with bricks you already have  Sarah Dees Juv 688.7 D31
Skyscrapers : the heights of engineering   John Kerschbaum Juv 720.483 K41 GRAPHIC
Turn it up! : a pitch-perfect history of music that rocked the world   Joel Levy Juv 780.9 L66
Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Let's play together! : 365 activities Juv 790.19 D18 P/T
What is the story of the Wizard of Oz?   Kirsten  Anderson Juv 791.4372 A54
What is the story of Doctor Who?   Gabriel P. Cooper Juv 791.45 C77
Where is Broadway?   Douglas Yacka Juv 792.097 Y12
The who was? history of the world   Paula Manzanero Juv 909 M29
Neil Armstrong : first man on the moon   Alex Woolf Juv 92 ARMSTRONG Neil
Thomas Edison. lighting the way   Lori Haskins Houran Juv 92 EDISON Thomas
Stephen Hawking   Ma Isabel  Sanchez Vegara Juv 92 HAWKING Stephen
LeBron James   Dan Wetzel Juv 92 JAMES LeBron
Harriet Tubman : a journey to freedom   Sandra A. Agard Juv 92 TUBMAN Harriet
Who was Sam Walton?   James Buckley Juv 92 WALTON Sam
Vivienne Westwood   Ma Isabel Sanchez Vegara Juv 92 WESTWOOD Vi
Serena Williams   Dan Wetzel Juv 92 WILLIAMS Serena
Who did it first? : 50 scientists  Julie Leung Juv 920.02 L65
The book of kings : magnificent monarchs  Caleb Magyar Juv 920.71 M21
The book of queens : legendary leaders  Stephanie Warren Drimmer Juv 920.72 D77q
What was the Vietnam War?   Jim O'Connor Juv 959.704 O18
Encyclopedia of American Indian history & culture : stories  Cynthia O'Brien Juv 970.004 O13
Children's AV
Disney Frozen II. Juv CD KIT Dis
Aladdin : read-along storybook and CD   Jane Schonberger Juv CD KIT Dis
Bunnies : 3 fun fuzzy tales. Juv CD KIT Dis
The watermelon seed & Good night owl : 2 funny tales   Greg Pizzoli Juv CD KIT Piz
Highlights. Honesty and tough choices Juv DVD Highlights Honest
Highlights. Too Cool!  Juv DVD Highlights Too Cool
Mister Rogers' neighborhood. Mister Rogers & making mistakes Juv DVD Mister Rogers & M