CELL PHONES: Please be courteous and put all phones to vibrate and keep conversations at a level that won’t disturb others.  If a conversation is longer than a few minutes, please use your cell phone in the lobby or outside.


LAPTOPS: Free Wi-Fi is offered as a service to patrons, and instructions for wireless printing can be found at LAPTOP PRINTING. Please do not string wires across the floor where patrons/staff will be walking.  Please remember that the Library pays its own utility bills, be generous in supporting your library.


A public copier is available for public use in the Library.

Black & white copies are 20¢ a page and color copies are 50¢ a page.


The Library offers FAX services for the public- please ask at the front desk for this service. 

Faxing costs are $1 per page within the US and are, usually, $5 per page internationally.  Surcharges from the phone company may apply for international faxes.