-Computer time is limited to 2 hours per patron per day


-Patrons can only use the library card issued to them to use the computers.

(Patrons may NOT use cards of family members or friends to access the computers. Patrons using other library cards besides their own will be bumped off the computers without warning.  Library Staff reserves the right to verify the use of library cards.)


-There is a fine threshold of $5 to use computers. 

If a patron owes more than $5 in fines/fees, computer privileges are revoked until the issue is resolved.


-Computers in the Children’s Library are reserved for children under 14 years of age or adults with young children.


-When using the computers, please be courteous to others using the area and follow the Library’s behavior policies by keeping conversations and noise to a minimum.  If using headphones, the volume should be turned low so that others are not disturbed.


-Guest passes are available for those non-residents who are using the library on a temporary basis.  Photo ID must be shown and library staff will log the guest onto the computer.  Any county or state resident must show photo ID and obtain a library card to use the library’s computers.


-Fees for printing from the computers are 20¢ for black & white and 50¢ for color copies.