New Children's Items   October 2016
Title Author Location 
Toddler (Board Books)
EEK! Halloween!  Boynton  Sandra Juv Tot Boy
Dinosaur dance!   Boynton  Sandra Juv Tot Boy
I'm feeling silly  Shaw  Natalie Juv Tot Dan
You're still you! Testa  Maggie Juv Tot Dan
The crayons' book of numbers. Daywalt  Drew. Juv Tot Day
The crayons' book of colors  Daywalt  Drew Juv Tot Day
Olivia's ABC  Falconer  Ian Juv Tot Fal
How penguin says please! : an adventure in eight languages  Samoun  Abigail Juv Tot Sam
Incomplete book of awesome things. Wee Society  Juv Tot Wee
Picture Books
Attitude of gratitude  Andrews  Julie Juv Pict And
King Baby  Beaton  Kate Juv Pict Bea
Return  Becker  Aaron Juv Pict Bec
The Berenstain Bears pirate adventure  Berenstain  Mike Juv Pict Ber (pap)
A is for angry : an animal and adjective alphabet  Boynton  Sandra Juv Pict Boy ABC 123
Bad Kitty does not like video games. Bruel  Nick Juv Pict Bru (pap)
Bad Kitty does not like snow  Bruel  Nick Juv Pict Bru (pap)
D is for dress-up : the ABCs of what we wear  Carluccio  Maria Juv Pict Car ABC 123
This is me : a story of who we are & where we came from  Curtis  Jamie Lee Juv Pict Cur
Bedtime for Batman  Dahl  Michael Juv Pict Dah
Daniel goes to the playground  Friedman  Becky Juv Pict Dan (pap)
Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes  Dean  Kim Juv Pict Dea
Dragon was terrible  DiPucchio  Kelly Juv Pict DiPuc
Disney Princess storybook treasury. Juv Pict Dis
Disney classics storybook treasury. Juv Pict Dis
Elena and the secret of Avalor  Gerber  Craig Juv Pict Dis
5-minute Christmas stories. Juv Pict Dis
Disney Frozen storybook collection. Juv Pict Dis
How to Track a Truck. Eaton  Jason Carter Juv Pict Eat
Olivia says good night  Pulliam  Gabe Juv Pict Fal (pap)
Olivia the superhero  Evans  Cordelia Juv Pict Fal (pap)
I can do anything!  Shaw  Natalie Juv Pict Fal (pap)
Shy  Freedman  Deborah (Deborah Jane) Juv Pict Fre
Pug meets Pig  Gallion  Sue Lowell Juv Pict Gal
Do not bring your dragon to the library  Gassman  Julie Juv Pict Gas
Secret life of pets. Shealy  Dennis R. Juv Pict GOLDEN
Ghostbusters  Sazaklis  John Juv Pict GOLDEN
Big Bob, Little Bob  Howe  James Juv Pict How
Penguin problems  John  Jory Juv Pict Joh
Apples, apples, apples!  Kann  Victoria Juv Pict Kan (pap)
We found a hat  Klassen  Jon Juv Pict Kla
The force awakens  Schaefer  Elizabeth (Adaptor) Juv Pict Lego (pap)
Sidekick showdown!  King  Trey Juv Pict Lego (pap)
I will not eat you  Lehrhaupt  Adam. Juv Pict Leh
The Ninjabread Man  Leigh  C. J. Juv Pict Lei
P is for president  Lewison  Wendy Cheyette Juv Pict Lew (pap)
Otis and the kittens  Long  Loren Juv Pict Lon
The penguin problem  Oxley  Jennifer Juv Pict Oxl
Be who you are  Parr  Todd Juv Pict Par
Can one balloon make an elephant fly?  Richards  Dan Juv Pict Ric
Blip! : a Toon book   Richards  Barnaby Juv Pict Ric
The forgetful knight  Robinson  Michelle (Michelle Jane) Juv Pict Rob
Because of an acorn  Schaefer  Lola M. Juv Pict Sch
ABC animals!  Seder  Rufus Butler Juv Pict Sed ABC 123
Duck on a tractor  Shannon  David Juv Pict Sha
The happiest book ever! : when PB met J  Shea  Bob Juv Pict She
Little Red and the very hungry lion  Smith  Alex T. Juv Pict Smi
The big book of superpowers  Katz  Morris Juv Pict Sup
The big book of girl power  Merberg  Julie Juv Pict Sup
The amazing Spider-man storybook collection. Juv Pict Sup
Hungry Bird  Tankard  Jeremy Juv Pict Tan
Is that wise, Pig?  Thomas  Jan Juv Pict Tho
Mervin the sloth is about to do the best thing in the world. Venable  Colleen A. F. Juv Pict Ven
Did you ever see? Walsh  Joanna Juv Pict Wal
Fiona's little lie  Wells  Rosemary Juv Pict Wel
Hooray for today!  Won  Brian Juv Pict Won
Penguin's Christmas wish   Yoon  Salina Juv Pict Yoo
Henry and Leo  Zagarenski  Pamela Juv Pict Zag
Easy Readers
Horses to the rescue  Wooster  Devin Ann Juv Easy Bar (pap)
Sun  Bauer  Marion Dane Juv Easy Bau (pap)
Daniel gets scared  Testa  Maggie Juv Easy Dan
Pete the cat : snow daze  Dean  James Juv Easy Dea
All about the Trolls  Depken  Kristen L. Juv Easy Dep (pap)
Big fish, little fish  Webster  Christy Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Friends for a princess  Lagonegro  Melissa Juv Easy Dis (pap)
A dream for a princess  Lagonegro  Melissa Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Ghoul power  Finn  Perdita Juv Easy Fin (pap)
We are growing!  Keller  Laurie Juv Easy Kel
Lego DC Comics super heroes phonics. Juv Easy Lego
Amelia Bedelia takes the cake  Parish  Herman Juv Easy Par
Secret life of pets : Dog days  Posner-Sanchez  Andrea Juv Easy Pos (pap)
Mr. Putter & Tabby hit the slope  Rylant  Cynthia Juv Easy Ryl
The cookie fiasco  Santat  Dan Juv Easy San
You got a rock, Charlie Brown!  Schulz  Charles M. (Charles Monroe) Juv Easy Sch (pap)
Beginning Chapter Books
Life according to Dani  Lagercrantz  Rose Juv BC Lag
Justice League vs Bizarro League  Bright  J. E. Juv BC Lego
Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Julia the sleeping beauty fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Soccer mania  O'Connor  Jane Juv BC O'Con
Mystery of the Mist Monster  Manning  Matthew K. Juv BC Sco
Curse of the stage fright  Korté  Steven Juv BC Sco
Secret of the haunted cave  Manning  Matthew K. Juv BC Sco
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Ashes  Anderson  Laurie Halse Juv Fic And
Moo  Creech  Sharon Juv Fic Cre
Welcome to Monster High: the junior novel  Finn  Perdita Juv Fic Fin
The inquisitor's tale, or, The three magical children and their holy dog  Gidwitz  Adam Juv Fic Gid
Jingle  Korman  Gordon Juv Fic Kor
The bad kid  Lariviere  Sarah Juv Fic Lar
Foxheart  Legrand  Claire Juv Fic Leg
The poet's dog  MacLachlan  Patricia Juv Fic MacLac
The hammer of Thor  Riordan  Rick Juv Fic Rio
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  Rowling  J. K. Juv Fic Row
Nightmares! : the lost lullaby  Segel  Jason Juv Fic Seg
The burning tide  Auxier  Jonathan Juv Fic Spi
The secret keepers  Stewart  Trenton Lee Juv Fic Ste
Outbreak  London  C. Alexander Juv Mys Thi
Stick Dog slurps spaghetti  Watson  Tom Juv Fic Wat
The adventurer's guide to successful escapes  White  Wade Albert Juv Fic Whi
Avatar, the last airbender. North and south. Part one  Yang  Gene Luen Juv Fic Yan GRAPHIC
Children's Non-Fiction
Ghost hunter's handbook : supernatural explorations for kids. Walsh  Liza Gardner Juv 133.1 W22
What happens when a loved one dies? : our first talk about death  Roberts  Jillian Juv 155.937 R64
Something very sad happened : a toddler's guide to understanding death  Zucker  Bonnie Juv 155.937 Z94
Epic adventures of Odysseus : an interactive mythological adventure  Hoena  B. A Juv 292.08 H69
Jason and the Argonauts  Byrd  Robert Juv 292.13 B99
Break the Siege : Make Your Own Catapults  Ives  Rob Juv 623.441 I95
Surprise the enemy : make your own traps and triggers  Ives  Rob Juv 623.4514 I95
The Berenstain Bears' holiday cookbook : cub-friendly cooking with an adult  Berenstain  Mike Juv 641.5 B48
Awesome LEGO creations with bricks you already have Dees  Sarah Juv 688.7 D31
365 things to do with LEGO bricks : activities, games, challenges, pranks  Hugo  Simon Juv 688.7 H89t
Marvel : absolutely everything you need to know ...  Bray  Adam Juv 741.59 B82
The amazing book of Star Wars  Dowsett  Elizabeth Juv 791.43 D75
I dissent : Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her mark  Levy  Debbie Juv 92 GINSBURG 
Total devastation : the story of Hurricane Katrina  Burgan  Michael Juv 976.044 B95
Books & CD kits
Olivia forms a band  Falconer  Ian Juv CD KIT Fal
The three Billy Goats Gruff  Finch  Mary Juv CD KIT Fin
Footloose  Loggins  Kenny Juv CD KIT Log
The tale of Kitty-in-boots  Potter  Beatrix Juv CD KIT Pot
Barbie & her sisters in a puppy chase Juv DVD Barbie
Cyberchase. Operations & algebraic thinking  Juv DVD Cyberchase
Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Daniel's winter wonderland  Juv DVD Daniel Tiger
Ice age, collision course Juv DVD Ice Age
Peppa Pig. Sun, sea and snow  Juv DVD Peppa Pig
Sesame Street. Monster magic  Juv DVD Sesame Street
Shopkins chef club  Juv DVD Shopkins 
Shrek the halls  Juv DVD Shrek the Halls
Thomas & friends. Tinsel on the tracks  Juv DVD Thomas & Friends
Wild Kratts. A creature Christmas  Juv DVD Wild Kratts
Winnie the Pooh. Springtime with Roo  Juv DVD Winnie the Pooh
Music CDs
Dream big, princess  Juv MUSIC CD Dream 
Superhero  Berkner  Laurie Juv MUSIC CD Laurie B